Tradesman Management Panel

You can manage all the operations of your business from the panel you will enter over the web.

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Product identification: You can add images to products, define discounts.

Category identification: You can categorize your customers for easy access to the products.

Inventory tracking: You can prevent taking orders when your products are out of stock, and you can ensure that the order continues as you enter the stock.

Live order screen: When your customers place an order, you can follow the screen instantly. You can view the details of the incoming order, address and contact information, the ordered products. You can also update your order status and send instant notifications to your customer.

Past orders: You can view your customers’ past orders and details.

Business settings: It is the menu where you can edit information such as which days and times your company will be open, your company logo and authorized contact addresses.

Distributor definitions: You can manage your distributor staff here.

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Ürün Sipariş Ekranı

Görselleriyle birlikte ürünlerin listelendiği ekrandır. Ürünlerin fiyatları ve varsa indirimli fiyatları da gözükür. Anlık miktar artırılabilir, resim üzerine tıklayarak ürün detayına gidilebilir. Ayrıca kategori filtresi ve ürün adına göre arama özellikleri mevcuttur.